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Looking for a Commercial Construction Company in Vancouver? Here’s What You Need to Know

December 7, 2021

Commercial construction projects require a commercial construction company in Vancouver. But unlike a residential building, a commercial building can vary greatly, depending on the type of project. So, not only do you need an experienced commercial contractor, you need one who has experience with your type of build.

Here are a few examples of commercial construction projects common in Vancouver and why you need a company familiar with that specific type of build.

Retail Outlets

When consumers come into a retail shop, they are looking for an experience. It all comes down to the details; the interior of your building needs to draw people in, while the interior has to be designed in a way that makes navigating shelves and aisles effortless. Design and flow will matter just as much as function, so you’ll need a commercial construction company that understands retail consumers and can deliver on your vision.

Medical Offices

Medical offices and clinics are in high demand and require a highly skilled commercial construction company in Vancouver that is familiar with building these specialized medical facilities. Facilities must be accessible for both staff and patients, including those who may have mobility issues, while maintaining adequate patient privacy. It’s crucial to consider all potential users of the space.

You must also consider the space required for specific types of medical equipment. Your office may need lots for storage, or rooms may need to accommodate large equipment. Because of the high degree of specialization, building a medical office should be left to commercial contractors with this type of building experience.

Daycare Centres

The BC government has promised to inject much-needed funding into thousands of new daycare spots. But before you break ground on a new daycare center, make sure your commercial construction company with experience in this niche market.

The building or renovating a space to accommodate a daycare is very different from other commercial building projects; everything that goes into the space needs to be considered from a health and safety perspective. Kitchens, washrooms, and play areas must be functional, but they must also pass inspections to meet strict licensing requirements.


As when visiting a retail shop, customers coming into a restaurant expect a dining experience. That means not only must your food be on point, but your decor and design must also impress.

If you are building a restaurant chain outlet, your commercial contractor must conform to exacting specifications. In contrast, one-off establishments need to develop unique and innovative ideas.

Furthermore, what goes on at the back of the house in a commercial kitchen is just as important as what’s happening out front. Your kitchen needs to be thoughtfully designed with busy kitchen staff in mind; this is where having a commercial construction company familiar with restaurants in Vancouver will really pay off.

Gym Facilities

Bespoke gyms and fitness centers are all the rage in Vancouver but building them take a commercial contractor with experience.

These types of spaces not only need to be unique, but they also need to be carefully planned, highly functional, and able to withstand heavy traffic. Whether you are building a mega fitness center or a small Pilates studio, quality contraction, space planning, and safety will be key to your success.

dreamville Homes has been helping businesses fulfill their commercial aspirations for years. We have a versatile, experienced team familiar with all aspects of the commercial building process. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help bring your next commercial project to life.

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