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5 Steps to Choosing a Commercial Building Contractor in Vancouver

April 16, 2021

If you are about to undertake a commercial building project, no matter the size, the first thing you are going to need is a commercial building contractor in Vancouver. This is true whether you are renovating an existing space or building one from the ground up; projects of this type require professional help from those with commercial building experience.

You will be working very closely with your commercial building contractor for months or more, so before you choose one, here are 5 crucial traits you need to consider:


Any large-scale renovation or construction project requires a skilled communicator; this is just as important when dealing with the client as it is when dealing with trades. Your commercial building contractor should be easy to reach and easy to understand, talking through issues in clear language that you understand. After all, you’ve hired a contractor to be the professional so that you don’t need to be one.

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Organizational Skills

From permits to workflows, your commercial building contractor is responsible for ensuring everything gets done in the correct order, in a timely fashion. Some permits can take months to obtain, and projects put on hold while waiting for forgotten permits can lead to expensive delays.

Your commercial contractor is also responsible for scheduling trades, managing payments, sourcing materials, and meeting deadlines. That’s a lot of hats to juggle, but that is why a good builder is so important.

Detail Oriented

From the position of electrical outlets to finishing work, every detail is the responsibility of your commercial building contractor. A small issue missed early on could result in large change orders later, leading to additional costs and construction delays. Your contractor and their team should have commercial experience; it’s essential to look for a commercial building contractor in Vancouver for business-related projects, not general contractors.


The three preceding points should make it clear why commercial building experience is so important. When choosing a commercial building contractor, ask for testimonials and examples of previously completed projects. A commercial building is a business built on reputation. Most reputable contractors will maintain a list of past projects and client feedback, so don’t feel that you are asking for something they may not be prepared to offer.

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It goes without saying that your commercial building contractor needs to be fully licensed and insured for the work that they are doing. This is for insurance purposes as well as employee health and safety.

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