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Laneway Homes

Laneway Homes

If you have a backyard, garage, or carport that you would like to put to better use, a laneway home may be what you are looking for. Laneway homes are a great way to have your extra space work for you. Whether you are looking to create a laneway suite for the family to use, or want to bring in some extra monthly income by renting it out, a laneway house is a great use of space in a crowded and expensive Vancouver real estate market.

Custom Laneway Homes Development Richmond

dreamville homes are experienced custom home builders – and yes, we build laneway homes too. From our initial meeting, all the way through the planning, designing, and building stage, you can be confident that our team is on top of every detail, making sure that every phase of construction runs smoothly and according to plan.

Once you have chosen a design, we get to work drawing up plans and pulling permits for the work. A builder who is experienced in the planning process is just as important, if not more important, than a builder who can build. Mistakes and delays in the planning phase can lead to all kinds of delays in the construction phase – something no one wants to have to deal with. Our team knows the ins and outs of obtaining permits and solving rezoning challenges, no need to worry, we’ve got you covered.

After the planning comes the exciting part – we can start the laneway homes building process. We pride ourselves on only using great quality materials and trades, and this pride shows through in our exceptional finished products. If we wouldn’t use a product or hire a laneway suite contractor do work on our own homes we certainly wouldn’t recommend them to you. Working together we can choose a design and finishes that perfectly match your vision, we’ll put it together, and all that’s left for you to do is love the space, or love the extra money that a rental will bring in.

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