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Cottage Home Builders Coquitlam

Cottage Home Builders Coquitlam

Cottage Home Builder in Coquitlam

At Dreamville Homes, we are professional cottage home builders who design and build cottage homes. We have been serving Coquitlam and the Lower Mainland for over 10 years. Our experienced contractors will work with you to build the best cottage houses Coquitlam has to offer!

Cottage House Builders

Why Should Dreamville Homes be Your Cottage Home Builder in?

Step 1: A consultation and extensive inspection on site

You can share with us your cottage ideas/plans or we can come to you to understand your vision and grasp your concepts (size, style, and must-have features), budget, and desired expectations. Our experts will clear any concerns you might have about the process to ensure that the created plan will deliver the cottage house of your dreams.

Step 2: Drafting a custom cottage design

We’ll produce a draft design subject to your specifications. If there’s any adjustment, we’d edit and then produce an official blueprint. We will provide you with a list of materials with different price options so you’re able to choose the materials speaking to your preference and budget.
We only move forward to execution after everything involved is reviewed and approved by you.

Step 3: Applying and obtaining relevant permits on your behalf

After your cottage plans are finalized and confirmed, the architectural plans will get submitted to the City Hall Annex for approval. Once approved, we will obtain the approved plan and the permits on your behalf and then proceed to lay the first brick to begin the journey leading you to your dream cottage.

Step 4: Building and construction process

We would finally execute the detailed design and construction plan. The contractor would oversee the whole project from the ground up working with all other service contractors and suppliers in tow and keep you updated with all the developments.

Inspections will be given if required and walk-through schedules will be conducted at different phases of construction. Our goal is to assure that the projected timeline is being followed as planned, and for you to see the quality and craftsmanship that is implemented into your investment.

Step 5: Choosing interior and exterior to your taste

At this stage, your active participation is required to choose the materials and finishing features that will be invested into your dream cottage. We will offer you the options subject to your specifications, aesthetics, and budget. Once the designs are confirmed, we would start the installation and eventually transform your conceptual dream cottage into a wonderful masterpiece.

Step 6: Final touch-up to your highest satisfaction with the result

As soon as the project is complete, we will take you on an in-depth quality assurance walkthrough to illustrate the new system in your cottage home, besides discussing warranty and maintenance tips for a long expectancy.

As one of the trusted cottage home builders in Coquitlam, we stand behind all our projects, whether big or small, far away or in proximity to us. We provide a warranty for all new construction projects and follow-up after completion for quality assurance and to address any concerns you may have. Our goal for you, our client, is to have complete customer-inclusive satisfaction at the end of every project. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our homes, our build process, or our company.

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