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Myths About Custom Home Builders

5 Myths About Custom Home Builders in Vancouver

May 13, 2021

There is no doubt about it; building a custom home is a big job with many moving parts. And maybe that’s why we all hear so many horror stories about long delays, budget overages, and communication problems.

However, the truth is that for most people, building a custom home is a positive experience, and the end result is the house they’ve been dreaming about – a perfect forever home.

There are many custom home builders in Vancouver, and most of them are easy to work with and are very focused on providing exceptional client satisfaction. So, before you write off building a custom home, here are 5 things you should not believe about custom home builders in Vancouver.

1. Planning Your Home Will Take Over Your Life

From the size to the layout to the finishes, there are a lot of little decisions to make before the construction of your new home breaks ground. However, you can be as involved as you choose to be. Custom home builders typically work closely with architects and designers. If you have a vision for the final product and prefer to trust the professionals to take care of the details, that’s an option. You’ll still have to sign off on drawings and materials selections, but your design team can take care of the rest.

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2. Custom Builders Always Go Over Budget

Dealing with the unexpected is simply an occupational hazard that custom home builders need to learn to deal with. However, experienced custom builders in Vancouver will know the kinds of unforeseen costs that could occur on a build and often find ways to work them into the existing budget. Whether through a contingency fund or by finding ways to save money in other areas, your custom home build doesn’t need to go over budget, provided you have a good builder working for you.

3. Custom Homes Are Never Delivered On-time

While it is true that construction delays happen – even the best custom home builders can’t control the weather in Vancouver – a good builder will always keep you updated on the progress so that you can plan accordingly. Weather-related holdups aside, construction delays often come down to getting the correct permits and inspections, scheduling trades, and waiting for materials, and that’s why working with an experienced builder is essential. A skilled custom home builder manages their projects down to the smallest detail and leaves nothing to chance, ensuring your project gets completed on time and on budget.

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4. Contractors are Difficult to Communicate With

So maybe not everyone is a people person. It can be difficult to talk to contractors or tradespeople when they are using industry jargon you don’t understand or are trying to rush through explanations. However, that’s what your custom home builder is there for; they act as your bridge between contractors and construction. On top of getting your home built, your builders’ job is to ensure that you stay well-informed about what’s happening on site, without you needing to be involved in all the construction details.

5. Getting a Construction Loan is Hard

Financing for a custom build is different than your standard mortgage, but your custom home builder has experience with that too. A construction mortgage involves several steps, and the first step to getting approved is to have a detailed plan, a budget, and a timeline for your build. Unlike a standard mortgage, funds through a construction mortgage get released in draw stages, based on the pre-determined levels of completion. With your custom home builder, a payment schedule will be organized that supports your construction mortgage requirements.  While the steps are a little different, a construction loan is no more difficult to secure for qualified applicants than a traditional mortgage; they are just structured a little differently.

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