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Laneway Homes Development

All about Laneway Homes Development

August 16, 2022

By definition, a laneway home is a dwelling constructed within your existing lot, generally at the back of your property. Laneway homes are only permitted in association with a house, and cannot be owned separately from the main house and...

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Laneway House Builders

Tips on Finding the Right Tenant for Your Laneway House

May 11, 2022

Getting your laneway house built might have felt like the hard part. From finding the right laneway house builders, navigating permits, and eagerly waiting through the construction period, now with the project done, you're ready to move on to the...

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Laneway Homes Contractor

Read this if You Want to Build a Laneway House

April 6, 2022

There is a huge housing crisis in Vancouver. Laneway homes construction is a great way to not only provide extra housing but boost your income. A laneway home is a type of housing that is rapidly gaining popularity in Vancouver....

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Custom Laneway Homes Development Richmond

Five Reasons People Are Building Laneway Homes

January 21, 2022

Laneway homes development is growing in Vancouver almost as fast as housing prices as space and cash strapped homeowners look for innovative ways to maximize the potential of their very pricey plots of land. But what are the top reasons...

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Laneway House Builders Vancouver

4 Reasons to Hire Laneway House Builders in Vancouver

November 15, 2021

The housing market in Vancouver can be described as fickle, at best. Currently, housing prices are astronomically high and there is a major shortage of affordable housing available to renters. If you happen to own your home, now might be...

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Laneway House

Laneway House or Basement Suite: Which is the Better Investment?

July 8, 2021

Are you looking for ways to reduce your mortgage cost while adding equity to your home in Richmond? Or maybe you have elderly relatives who need a place to age in peace, rather than move into assisted living. Countless families...

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Laneway Home

How a Laneway Home Can Help Maximize Your Home’s Potential

February 9, 2021

The laneway homes construction has rapidly been gaining in popularity throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Many municipalities in BC are now actively encouraging laneway home construction, making it quicker and easier to obtain the required building permits. But as...

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