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Bathrooms Renovation Trends We Saw in 2021

October 20, 2021

When the pandemic brought us indoors, homeowners got inspired to tackle renovation projects that had long been on their minds. Indeed, a study done in 2020 showed that home renovation spending in Canada was growing faster than any other industry. A poll conducted by Scotiabank in April 2021 revealed that more than half of Canadians were planning to make renovations to their homes within the next two years.

Needless to say, renovation contractors in Vancouver can expect to have their hands full in the coming months. With bathrooms and kitchens topping the renovation wish list (along with backyards), let’s take a look at some of the top bathroom renovation trends we saw in 2021.

Soaking Tubs

Trips to the spa have been few and far between for the last couple of years, so Canadians are bringing the comfort of a nice, hot soak home.

Deep soaking bathtubs have seen a surge in popularity, and plain, flat bottoms are replacing the ordinate design of clawfoot tubs that were popular (but were also more prone to spillage and mildew) in the past.

Warm Colours

Bright colours and crisp whites may have been trendy for the last several years, but these days more and more people are opting to go with warm, inviting colours similar to those found in the living room and den-like settings.

With health and cleanliness at the forefront of everyone’s mind, mildew resistant paints, with FDA approved antimicrobial properties, are an excellent and effective choice for damp, humid spaces such as a bathroom. Mildew-resistant paint, however, can’t be used over existing mold, so be sure you’re only painting over a clean, mold-free surface.

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With all of cleaning a lot more frequently, high-touch surfaces like countertops need to be able to withstand the frequent use of cleaning products. That’s why so many homeowners are choosing quartz countertops in their bathrooms and their kitchens, too. Quartz is thick and durable and can easily handle frequent cleaning without wearing down or cracking.

Quartz is non-porous, meaning it doesn’t nurture any bacteria, and features clean lines with minimal seams where germs can collect, making it a wise choice for a high-use surface like a bathroom sink.

Larger tiles

On the floor or the shower wall, larger tiles are taking over.

While small tiles may have given off a textured look that was favourable and offered a very unique pattern, they can’t compete with the ease of maintaining a surface finished with large tiles. Large tiles, seamless countertops, require less cleaning time due to fewer grout lines, and give your floor and shower a sleek, modern look.

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Smart Toilets

We’re all being more mindful of what we’re touching, so it’s no surprise that smart toilets and bidets are on the rise.

The self-closing lid and hands-free flushing features aren’t even the most exciting aspect of smart toilets; the self-cleaning function is what has homeowners investing in these modern fixtures.

Heated Floors

With so many luxurious features right at home, we can’t help but wonder if spas will ever be as busy as they once were. Indeed, Canadians are treating themselves at home, and the warmth of a heated bathroom floor on bare feet is the ultimate treat, and their popularity is only expected to grow.

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