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2 Simple Exterior Renovations in Vancouver that Add Value to Your Home

September 25, 2023

As a homeowner in Metro Vancouver, home maintenance is necessary for both comfort and functionality. However, for many homeowners, it’s also important to continuously improve the state of both the interior and exterior of the home to help increase the return on your investment as well as its general curb appeal. Hiring a contractor for a few simple exterior renovations in Vancouver can boost your ROI as well as make a beautiful impression on potential buyers. If you’re preparing to list your home, connect with our expert renovators at Dreamville Homes to see which of these small projects could make a big difference to your home’s market value.

Refresh the siding

While many Vancouver homes have decades of charm and character built-in, many aspects of older homes could use sprucing up. Siding plays a vital role in the insulation of your home and it’s the first thing anyone notices when they pull in the driveway. Some older homes may have stucco, wood, or even aluminum siding that has seen better days. While each style of siding offers unique pros and cons for weather resistance, insulation, longevity, and cost, among them vinyl siding is by far the most cost-efficient while offering good insulation, long life span, and budget-friendly installation. Moreover, vinyl siding comes in a wide range of colours and textures designed to look like all sorts of materials including wood and stone. If your home’s siding needs replacing, consult one of our specialists in exterior renovations in Vancouver to determine which siding options would give you your best return on investment.

Replace the windows

Although replacing windows may seem like a daunting project, in the hands of the right experts, it’s as breezy as the draft your old windows are letting in. That’s right. Older window styles such as wood and metal are inefficient for insulation purposes and are prone to a variety of issues. Metal-framed windows such as aluminum expand and contract during hot and cold weather cycles, pulling away from the window seal and leading to issues with condensation and draft. Wooden windows are susceptible to similar issues with improper sealing as well as mould and mildew with condensation. Moreover, many older window frames contain outdated glass that does a poor job of insulating your home. Glass has improved significantly over the last few decades and now comes in double-paned, thermal, and UV reflective forms that can save you loads on your energy bill and make your home much more comfortable all year-round. As far as exterior renovations in Vancouver go, window replacement should be at the top of your list.

Whether you’re looking to update your home to make your family more comfortable, lower your energy bill, or increase your market value for a future sale, reach out to our knowledgeable crew here at Dreamville Homes to find out which exterior renovations in Vancouver are right for you.

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